Smoking Cessation

Live a Longer and a Happier Life with Hypnotherapy.

I am sure that everyone would like to live longer and have a happy, healthier and more productive and satisfying life.

Two of the main causes for a reduced life span and a reduction in a productive life are, smoking and bad diet which includes over eating.


There is really no big secret of how to avoid smoking killing you or at best impairing your life style. You have to STOP SMOKING. There has been a lot of research on this subject and it seems that if you stop smoking, within a short time all nicotine will be gone from your system. It is also reported that the damage that smoking does to your lungs can be reversed, if a person stops before permanent damage is done. It can take a long time for the lungs to repair themselves fully, but one thing is for sure that as soon as you stop smoking you give your lungs a chance to start the healing process. So the sooner you STOP SMOKING the sooner you will be on the way to a healthier and longer life

Diet and Weight loss

There are so many different camps as to what is the correct diet to maintain a healthy body.

There have been many, many fad diets, too numerous to detail here, but in the main some people may achieve some results with any of these diets only to find that after a while they put back on all the weight they lost and perhaps even more.

Bad diet and over eating causes many health problems. These include diabetes, and coronary problems to name just two.

The world has begun to realise the importance of good diet and eating habits for a longer and more productive life.


If you have a strong enough will power, and you desire to improve your life, you will STOP SMOKING or sort out your DIET and Bad eating habits.

If you do not have a strong enough will power, you need help, and that is where Hypnotherapy comes in. With Hypnotherapy, carried out by a qualified hypnotherapist, on a subconscious level, you will be given new ideas, and new methods of reacting to the emotional stimuli that are causing your destructive behaviour.

This is true not just with regards to smoking and bad eating habits, or over eating, but also with any life limiting problem such as fears, and phobias.

David Amstell has many satisfied clients that have become and stayed non smokers or have gained control of their bad eating habits, and lost weight, as well as many clients that have benefited from relief from life limiting problems.

David can be contacted on 07867 115 774 or by email