Who can benefit from Hypnotherapy?


The boy that went off the path
The man who couldn’t move his arm
The man scared of dogs
The businessman who wanted to build his company

What is Hypnotherapy? Well to answer this question we first have to understand what Hypnosis is, and how the mind works.

First of all Hypnosis is not sleep, or unconsciousness.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state into which a person can be guided. In this relaxed state a person’s subconscious becomes more suggestible.

Now it is important also to understand that Hypnosis carried out by a qualified Hypnotherapist is not at all dangerous. In Hypnosis a person does not lose consciousness, on the contrary they become far more sensitive and fully aware of what is happening. There has never been a case of somebody getting stuck in hypnosis.

The Hypnotherapist will use this Hypnotic state to help a client deal with a wide variety of issues.

To achieve the hypnotic state the hypnotherapist must communicate directly with his client’s subconscious mind. Now to understand this you have to know a little about how the mind works.

The Mind is divided into two sections called the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. See diagram. The conscious mind is the weaker part of the mind and is the home of our will power and short term memory. The subconscious mind is far more powerful and is the home for our long term memories, emotions, feelings, habits, imagination, and protection. These two sections are separated by a barrier called the critical facility. This critical facility acts like a filter. Any stimulus that comes into the conscious mind is verified by the critical faculty against any historic information in our subconscious mind and if that stimulus is contrary to the historic record it will be rejected. That is why somebody that really wants to give up smoking or lose weight loses the battle every time, unless you are one of the few people that have a very strong will power.

So how does it all work! Let’s say a person has a fear of dogs. He has been frightened of dogs since a child, but now he is 40 years old and logically there is now reason for him to be afraid of dogs. Great so now Mr 40 year old tells himself there is no reason to be scared that was when I was a child. So out he goes takes a walk in the park, all the time telling himself there is no reason to be scared of dogs (caution is always recommended but fear is not necessary). Mr 40 sees in the distance a dog, he says to himself no need to be scared and carries on walking towards the dog and then his critical faculty kicks in and says you are scared of dogs run……. And of course Mr 40 breaks out in a cold sweat and runs as fast as he can to safety. If you have any fears or phobias you will recognise this. Now why does it happen it’s just a small dog? Well when Mr 40 was a child he was in the park and a playful little dog ran up to him and jumped up at him and there wasn’t anybody there to tell him it’s just a playful little dog don’t worry. So in his subconscious is a record of this fright he had. The next time he saw a dog he was a bit anxious and each subsequent time he saw a dog the feeling was compounded until eventually it became a morbid fear of dogs, and no amount of will power is going to be able to change that. This is where hypnotherapy can help, by by-passing the critical faculty and dealing with the areas of the subconscious mind and if you like educating the subconscious mind that it is not necessary to have that fear any more.

So now let’s get back to Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a tool or technique used to assist a person, with their cooperation and only with their cooperation, to resolve a wide variety of issues, some of which are Fears and Phobias, such as a fear of rodents, spiders, flying in aeroplanes, Agoraphobia and similar phobic issues. Habits, for instance; smoking, or nail biting. Stress and anger management. Confidence boosting, for example you have an interview for a job; you have to give a speech to a large crowd, or perhaps make an important business presentation. Relationships, marital problems, parental upbringing issues, business conflicts and the like. Healing, many many health issues are brought about because of repressed anger and frustration; many many health issues are psychosomatic. The majority of these health issues can be dealt with successfully using Hypnotherapy. Emotional issues can be resolved, and of course weight loss and Smoking cessation are both achievable far more easily, and have a greater success rate through

Hypnotherapy than through any other method.

Hypnotherapy is also used to deal with pain management, headaches and migraines, as well as for pain free child birth.

Some dentists and surgeons use Hypnotherapy as an alternative to chemical anaesthesia.

Hypnotherapy is also a powerful tool used by many business people to increase their success. For instance a sales person who needs to reach or surpass the targets set by the sales manager. The entrepreneur who needs a boost to achieve a given goal.

The list is endless. If the problem is at a subconscious level or Psychosomatic it can be treated successfully with hypnotherapy. You would be amazed at how many problems presented at the Doctors surgery have their roots in the subconscious, which would be best dealt with by Hypnotherapy and the results can be dramatic. For instance a client came to me a while ago complaining that at times of stress he could not move his right arm. After a thorough interview I had a good picture of what was going on inside the clients mind. I proceeded to hypnotise the client until he was completely relaxed. Using certain powerful techniques I was able to find the source of the problem, which had been rooted in repressed anger that had built up over a number of years and was compounded by similar experiences. The client and I then worked together to resolve the conflicts and vent the repressed anger. The result was very positive for the client and pleasing for me, for not only did the client regain use of his arm and to date has not experienced the problem again, but his overall feelings of happiness and contentment had increased.

Another client just could not build his business to the level of success that he felt he should be achieving. We had a long discussion about what his aims and goals were. We discussed methods that could be employed, and came up with a few motivating benefits.

I then proceeded to hypnotise the client until he was completely relaxed.

Whilst in hypnosis I used some ego and confidence boosting techniques as well as some powerful post hypnotic suggestions. I also taught the client some self-hypnosis techniques.

At the end of the session the client felt ready to conquer the world, and reported to me some time later that he had actually managed to build his business beyond the original goal.

What about the frum boy brought up in a lovely frum home by caring parents that went off the derech.

This lovely boy a bright and cheerful boy grew up with loving parents and siblings and was liked by everybody that met him. One day in school the regular teacher was off sick and a substitute teacher took the class. Let’s call the boy Shimon. Shimon was a bright boy and worked diligently at school. On this day the substitute teacher set the boys some work which they had not yet learnt. Shimon didn’t understand the entire subject and when he questioned the teacher the teacher said he was stupid or words to that effect. Shimon was very embarrassed in front of all his class. On a subsequent occasion Shimon was criticised for something quite minor but this brought back his memory of his class experience, and now each time he would get the slightest criticism this compounded in his subconscious until one day an insignificant criticism broke the camel’s back and the rest is history.

This situation and other similar situations can be rectified with sensitive therapy by a competent qualified hypnotherapist.

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