Whatever you problem, as long as it psychological, can be helped with hypnotherapy.

Many clients have come to me due to abuse as a child or even later in life, which is now affecting their life. This abuse can be verbal as well as physical, and can come from parents and or teachers work colleagues and partners, as well as others. This abuse can also manifest itself from simple lack of loving caring parents.

It would be unfair to blame any single group, for instance, a parent or partner that was a Holocaust survivor perhaps has been psychologically damaged and is not capable of showing the love and affection a child or partner needs. A teacher with the same background may not have the sensitivity to be a caring teacher. Children of such people take along with them the psychological damage passed on by their parents.

Often these parents and teacher hold high positions in the community, but through no fault of their own do not make good parents or teachers. Often being over strict, not particularly loving, or affectionate. In some cases the father has such a high position in the community that the child can only look up to this awesome figure that they desperately want love and affection from.

I often wish that the parents and teachers would come to me, and that through some sensitive therapy, help them to become more loving and caring parents and teachers.

The knock-on effect can be disastrous, for these children become psychologically damaged and when they grow up they have many problems in their own relationships, with spouses partners and perhaps with their children.

This all seems like a very black picture, and perhaps it is. For these children, they just needed loving caring parents and teachers. But there are ways of helping these people. With sensitive hypnotherapy, a lot can be achieved. I have seen many clients rebuild their lives, relationships, and become caring and sensitive people.

This is not a new story, but it is one that has been pushed under the carpet for too many years.

There is a solution, and the problem needs to be addressed.

These situations and other similar situations can be rectified with sensitive therapy by a competent qualified hypnotherapist

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